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10 Of The Best Places To Live Abroad – Most of us have a deep, sneaking dream to just quit everything and go abroad.
And if you’re going to make the scene change permanent, Switzerland is apparently the best place to do so. The country ranked first on HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey, which polled nearly 9,300 expats around the world — people who actually live the dream! — about the quality of life, financial well-being and ease of raising a family in their new homes abroad. – READ MORE


Simple Strategies to Save on Your Next Vacation – Travel doesn’t have to be expensive — if you know how to play it right. Now that you’ve figured out how to save on your hotel and your flight, don’t forget to continue saving once the vacation is underway. Transportation, food, lodging and activities: These are all expenses that take a huge chunk out of any travel budget. Sure, you could skimp on some and even skip the activities altogether, but that would probably leave you with a boring trip. Here are five tips to help you save cash on any vacation, without sacrificing comfort and fun. – READ MORE

Want To Travel In Retirement? Here’s The Cost Of 3 Popular Trips -Where is retirement going to take you? If you’re like most people, you’re dreaming of grand European tours, African safaris, maybe even Antarctica.

But even if you think you’ve budgeted generously for trips, you might get a harsh dose of reality when you see the actual price tag. A couple that puts aside $10,000 (U.S. ) a year for travel may only be able to pull off one major trip per year, with maybe some left over for smaller jaunts. – READ MORE


Canadian consulate in Istanbul remains closed: Officials – The Canadian consulate in Istanbul remained closed Monday as a safety precaution after a package containing yellow powder was sent to the office on Friday.

Four other western consulates also received similar packages – the United States, France, Germany and Belgium. – READ MORE


Five reasons to visit Rotterdam – Rotterdam is your typical second city. While second cities might often be disregarded in favour of just checking out their popular counterparts (Amsterdam, we’re looking at you), to do so is a travel faux pas. Second cities are generally self-assured – existing for themselves and not just for tourists – and from this, creativity and a certain je ne sais quoi usually develops. And Rotterdam is a prime example. – READ MORE

This Place is a Must – Visit in Morocco, if You Can Stand the Stench – Wedged among the ancient buildings and serpentine passageways of Fez’s Old Medina in Morocco is a grid of stone wells, each filled with a colored liquid. This is Chouara, an 11th-century tannery that still operates as it did a thousand years ago.

Cow, sheep, goat, and camel hides are brought here to be preserved, dyed, and turned into the handbags, jackets, and wallets sold in the surrounding souks. – READ MORE

What to Do in Switzerland – Once upon a time we made plans to move to Europe. Within these plans, I had conjured a vague picture of a country house surrounded by stone walls and sheep. There might have even been a turret or two, because while we were dreaming, why not make it a castle?

And of course, I would be able to walk from this house down a lane to a little village.  In other moments, I was more reasonable and would imagine a cozy little flat above a bakery. But it would be around the corner from a flower market and across a cobblestone street from a cheese shop. – READ MORE

Australia for All Types of Travelers – When departing from North America, the land down under can feel like it’s a world away, and well, it almost is. By birth, I’m Canadian, and by choice I’m living in Australia, having moved to Sydney several years ago. I’m often fielding questions from friends and family back home on what part of my adoptive country would be best for them to visit as most don’t know where to start. Here’s my guide to Australia for all types of travellers. – READ MORE

How To Get The Most From A Short Trip To Ireland – Vibrant cities, otherworldly monuments, ancient castles, sweeping beaches bordered by jade-green fields, cosy pubs with crackling fires and toe-tapping traditional music sessions – Ireland offers a multitude of memorable experiences. And its compact size makes it possible to fit many in, even on a short trip. This itinerary takes in the country’s definitive highlights.

Covering less than 1000 scenic kilometres on good roads, this route makes a sight-packed, week-long driving loop; Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Limerick and Galway are ideal overnight stops. You could easily make the trip shorter by only visiting a selection of the places below. It’s also possible to cover this itinerary by bus (or in some sections, by train), but allow longer for connections and some minor backtracking. – READ MORE


World’s Worst Airport In 2014 Is… – (CNN) — Good news for air travelers passing through Manila: the city’s international airport isn’t quite as bad as it used to be.

That’s the only slightly uplifting word from The Guide to Sleeping in Airports, a travel website that produces an annual survey to identify the world’s worst and best aviation terminals. – READ MORE

This Is Why You Wear Your Damn Seatbelt – Singapore Airlines flight 424 from Singapore to Mumbai encountered turbulence while on approach to its destination yesterday. Twenty-two people, including eight passengers and fourteen flight attendants required medical treatment after the Airbus A380 landed. – READ MORE

In-Flight Etiquette: How to Be a Better Passenger – You’re on a plane. It’s a crowded flight, and you’re in the middle seat. The woman in the window seat is fast asleep, snoring and steadily collapsing into your space. The kid in the aisle seat wearing the big headphones is bobbing his head to music that everyone in rows eight through 13 can hear. But at least it’s drowning out the squawks of the fidgeting toddler across the aisle. You figure you’ll just take a nap. You try stretch out in your seat, but you soon realize the passenger behind you is using a new gadget that prevents your seat from reclining. What now?

Flying can be tense, and shrinking seat sizes don’t help. In fact, research suggests that crowded flights can lead to a breakdown of normal social functioning among passengers. But flying doesn’t need to bring out the worst in you. – READ MORE


‘Utter Panic’: Inside The Luxury Cruise Ship Where An Ebola Scare Broke Out – It was supposed to be an escape to the Caribbean sunshine for a week of parties, relaxation, and sipping champagne while watching gorgeous sunsets from the decks of a luxury cruise ship.

But four days after the Carnival Magic set sail from Galveston, Texas, rumours began swirling that all was not well on board. – READ MORE


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