VAC Disability Pension Application Procedures

VAC Disability Pension Application Procedures

Dear Members of the Association,

There is currently work being done on our Guide to Health Benefits and Services (formerly the Advocates Manual) by Lethbridge Division Secretary, Mike Duffy in conjunction with Chief Advocate, Ruby Burns.

As a bit of a teaser to the revised guide we have been provided with a “cheat” sheet by Sgt. Kim Hendricken that provides some basic requirements for obtaining VAC assistance.

It will give you a bullet-style information guide prior to the publication of the larger document by Secretary Duffy. It will be handy as a quick reference sheet.

The “cheat sheet” follows.

James Forrest
Director of Communications

VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada) Disability Pension Application Procedures You must have a medical diagnosis of a disability condition and you must show how your service in the RCMP caused, aggravated, or contributed to your disability.

Create a My Vac Account. All serving or released Regular and Civilian Members are encouraged to create a MY VAC ACCOUNT. (Google it) Within your My Vac Account, go to Forms and complete and submit the Application for Disability Benefits (PEN923AP) on line through this account. VAC will send you a medical questionnaire, instructions on where your doctor should send the completed questionnaire, and fee payment details for completing the questionnaire.

If you need help with completing your application, you can contact your local RCMP Vets Association Advocate, Legion Service Officer , or a Disability Benefits Officer at VAC at 866-522-2122 (eng) 866-522-2022(fre).

If you want to add additional pages to your application, you can upload and send them through My Vac Account under Upload Files on the Homepage.

If you want to contact VAC about any questions you may have, you can go to Contact VAC and send a secure message through your My Vac Account. The common categories for questions are noted in a drop down list.

Review all of the possible benefits available to you through your benefit browser in My Vac Account.

If you want to give VAC consent to speak to your spouse or family member on your behalf, please ensure you complete VAC520 and submit it electronically to VAC through your My Vac Account.

Updated 2020-12-07



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