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The message below provides information on how to access the RCMP – GRC Vets Net website.

RCMP Vets Nets Website Update

This is further to the following email you would have received from Wayne Rushton – RCMP Vets Net.


All Members 

To access RCMP VETS NET online use this address https://rcmpvets.ca 

If you link directly to Recent Last Post use this link

NOTE:   It is recommended that you click on the links in this email the first time to access the site, then when the page loads in your browser, bookmark the link to ensure consistent loading.


RCMP Vets Net

There have been some enquiries regarding accessing this site and Wayne has now provided the following additional comments:

We had to change our Host for the site and do a lot of work to configure everything so it works smoothly.    ALL our members who are registered will have to clear their cache on their computers to ensure they do not keep going to the old site.

CLEAR YOUR CACHE to remove our old site that your computer has been going to previously.  Then do a FULL SHUT DOWN to your computer and start it up again, NOT just a restart.  Then try the new links and save them as your favourites, or bookmarks if you use a Mac.  This new location offers more security, but our site is very large and some problems have to be worked out to ensure a smooth transition.  Over 50 emails today with people wanting to change their passwords or a reset, but that will not help, unless they clear their cache first, and then try the new secure path.

It could be a few days until operating as smoothly as we want it.  Right now, we can’t get into our Sitelock to amend peoples email addresses or even respond to their queries.  Can only reply via email.  We need everyone to be patient.


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