Law Enforcement Torch Run – Details

The Virtual Torch Relay

Dear Members of the Association,

This message is in response to requests from some members for some further clarification on how the virtual Law Enforcement Torch Run is functioning.

Cst. Harten has provided some further details on the event as follows,

There is no limit to when you can register and every activity minute counts!
If you are just starting:
Send a $20.00 e-transfer to your e-mail address. You will get a follow up e-mail address asking for information on your location, contact info etc.
Track on your log, the minutes of any activity you do continuously for more than 10 minutes.
For instance, if one day you walked around the block for 15 minutes, did push ups for 5 minutes and did 30 minutes on the elliptical – for that day you would record 45 minutes on your log.
Save your log every time you update it.
At the end of each week (Sunday), e-mail the log to:
You can also just send an e-mail summary of your activity minutes if you don’t want to fill out the log.
There are prizes to be won each week.
It’s important to track and send in your activity minutes because the first Division to cross the finish line wins ( the more activity minutes=the more kilometres we complete to reach 15,300KM..

James Forrest
Director of Communications



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