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Dear Members of the Association,

A number of members have noted that the latest edition of the Quarterly does not contain any obituaries. Naturally the question has been why.

The Quarterly Editor, Tanya Baglole has now provided the answer,
“Due to COVID-19 the RCMP has closed its buildings and we are unable to access the service files that we need to write the obituaries. We are waiting on standby until we are able to do this again. Once this happens, we will be printing obituaries. They have NOT been discontinued permanently, rest assured.”

Many thanks to Tanya.

Naturally we wouldn’t want to miss a promotional opportunity.

The summer edition, in addition to all the news from the Divisions includes,

  • A Perspective On Racism,
  • A Discussion on the future of the relationship between the Force and the National Police Federation
  • And a fascinating geograhpic exploration of paddling down the Arctic

And, as an added bonus, a subscription to the Quarterly is only a click or two away at The Quarterly.

And a further bonus – so, if paddling down the Arctic intrigues you and you have 20 minutes to spare and would like to see the work the Force does in the North (which incidentally makes it one of the most unique police forces in the world) we are providing a link to a Youtube video that details the northern operations.

The Force in The North – Unfortunately English Only
James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association



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