Re-Fund Public Services to Reduce Need for Police


Re-Fund Public Services to Reduce Need for Police

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John Leitch of Regina Division has provided what he describes as “a well written and thought out article on the issue of society failing to provide necessary social services and then depending on police to deal with the fallout.”

The article is from the Regina Leader Post of August 12th 2020 and the author is Katherine Arbuthnott.

For anybody who has ever been involved in law enforcement the article does ask some very signficant questions that police officers frequently ask about why social services continue to lose funding and the resultant requirement for police forces to provide those services. The underlying question is whether the police are always the right people to call when a situation erupts. The article speaks to that question extensilvely

The article may be viewed by clicking the button below

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Rather than ‘defunding police’ we could decide to reverse our decades-long austerity to instead ‘refund public services’. File / Postmedia
Re-Fund Public Services



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