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S/Sgt. Edward Hill – #14813

    Since the creation of the Force in 1873, many different individuals have joined the RCMP ranks. Most were average individuals seeking an opportunity for adventure and as a means of serving their country and community.         One such individual was Edward Cornelius Hall.  He was born on July 21, 1924 […]

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Latest Discovery: C/S/M Tim Griffin

      Most recently, RCMP Veteran Ric Hall received a bundle of photograph, documents and newspaper clipping belowing to the late and great Corps Sergeant Major Tim Griffin. Ric has provided some of the details below for the viewing enjoyment of others.       While coordinating many RCMP Musical Ride demonstrations in the […]

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Supt. Howard Cronkhite

    Howard Cronkhite spent most of career in the Yukon and participated in many long and extreme cold dog sled patrols as did many other members. Most recently, RCMP Veteran Bob Boyd discovered a report Howard Cronkhite submitted to his Officer Commanding in 1924 outlining the hardships that he and other members experienced while […]

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1920: First Mounties To Ottawa

We have recently received some old photographs belong to the late William Pirie – Regimental Number 8584. William joined the RNWMP on August 8, 1919 and did his basic training at “Depot” Division in Regina. Shortly after completing his basic training, the name of the Force changed from the Royal North-West Mounted Police (RNWMP) to […]

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History of the RCMP Musical Ride

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has become a symbol of our country and is the only national police department in the world to receive this recognition. The courage, sacrifice and steadfast determination of Force members to maintain law and order have been the source of many legends, movies and books. The image of RCMP […]

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