S/Sgt. Edward Hill – #14813

Photograph of Ed Hill



Since the creation of the Force in 1873, many different individuals have joined the RCMP ranks. Most were average individuals seeking an opportunity for adventure and as a means of serving their country and community.





One such individual was Edward Cornelius Hall.  He was born on July 21, 1924 at Glasgow Scotland and eventually immigrated to Canada.  With the outset of World War II, he volunteered for the Canadian Merchant Marine as a seaman.  In 1943, Ed’s ship was torpedoed by a German U-boat and sank shortly thereafter.  The crew members and Ed were rescued and transported back to Halifax.

While in Halifax, Ed enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force on April 23, 1943.  From the time of joining until October 29, 1943, he received pilot training and was Commissioned as a pilot in August 1944.

Photograph of insignia of the No.49th Squadron RCAF.

Photograph of insignia of the No.49th Squadron RCAF.

Between September 1944 and to the end of the war, Ed served in the No. 49 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force and flew 32 sorties (182 hours 10 minutes) over occupied Western Europe.


Photograph of a British Lancaster Bomber similar to what was flown by Edward Hill.

Based on his action, he was awarded the Distinguish Flying Cross on April 5, 1945:

Pilot Officer Hill has completed a tour of operations which involved many attacks against the enemy’s most heavily defended targets. He has invariably shown great keenness to attack the enemy and the high example he has set has been an inspiration to all. During the course of his tour, his aircraft has, on three occasions, been attacked by enemy night fighters but, primarily due to this officer’s alert search and the precise manner in which he has given instructions to his pilot, his aircraft has not been fired on. I consider the coolness, courage and high efficiency shown by this officer fully merits the non-immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Photograph of

Photograph of British Distinguished Flying Cross.

After leaving the Canadian Air Force after World War II, Ed joined the Force at Toronto on January 31, 1947.  After completing his basic training at “N” Division, Ed was transferred to “D” Division where he would serve at Winnipeg, Dauphin, Flin Flon and Ashern.

On June 27, 1949 and with only 2 years of service in the Force, he was transferred back to “N” Division where he would serve on the equitation staff for the remainder of his service.

Photograph of

Photograph of Corporal Edward Hill taken at “N” Division and on the front page of the July 1954 Quarterly.

He participated in the Musical Rides in 1949, 1953 (Coronation Ride), 1956, 1957, (tour of Great Britain) and 1962.

On September 1, 1958, Ed was transferred to “Depot” Division where he served as the Riding Master until his retirement on October 16, 1965.

Ed passed away on on July 8, 1987 at Kitchener Ontario.

Photograph of the grave marker for S/Sgt. Edward

Photograph of the grave marker for S/Sgt. Edward C. Hill (Reg.#14813) (Source of photo – RCMP Gravesite database).

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