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Memories From The Musical Ride

      The recent story on the Force’s history with the lance (The Lane And The Force) and the crimping or non-crimping of the lance’s pennon stirred some memories for one veteran, Mel McIntosh, Reg # 23729.       Mel joined the RCMP in October 1964 as a twenty year old and was […]

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C/S/M Tim Griffin – More Details

      Over the past few months, we have posted two previous articles on the famous Corps Sergeant Major Tim Griffin. The following article was discovered in our publication of the Scarlet & Gold magazine (49th edition – 1867):       In 1910 a famous Light Cavalry Unit of the British Army, the […]

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RCMP: Attend 1953 Coronation

        Windy Gale, from England, submitted to the following photographs which appeared in a book entitled “The Queen Elizabeth Coronation Souvenir” and it was published in 1953. Book was published by L.T.A. Robinson Ltd., London. S.W.9.   One section of the book entitled “The Queen is Crowned” is written by Neil Ferrier and […]

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