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Sgt. Hubert Thorne – Reg.#4290

    His nickname was “Nitchie” to his friends and was described as a “capable, courageous, hard-working and above all, imbued with an unflagging sense of duty.”  His image was captured by one the Canadian Group of Seven artists: Franz Johnston’s painting called “Beyond The Law.”  For many years, this painting was hung in the […]

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Sgt. Frank Pearson

    Sergeant Pearson (Reg. # 6298) was born September 4, 1888 at Oxford, England.  He served in the RNWMP and RCMP from September 24, 1914 to September 23, 1939 and then for a short time as a Special Constable during World War II in Montreal.       After training he was first posted to […]

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