Sgt. Frank Pearson



Sergeant Pearson (Reg. # 6298) was born September 4, 1888 at Oxford, England.  He served in the RNWMP and RCMP from September 24, 1914 to September 23, 1939 and then for a short time as a Special Constable during World War II in Montreal.




After training he was first posted to “F” Division.  At Battleford, Saskatchewan, January 21, 1916, he was fined $5.00 for Disobedience in Service Court.

During World War I, he served with “A” Squadron as a private, # 2684141, with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Europe.



He returned to “F” Division and later was posted to “E” Division.

Sergeant Pearson retired from the RCMP while serving as the lone member of Cloverdale (Surrey) Detachment doing Federal Enforcement duties.




In retirement, he drove the Bunny Bus between Surrey and Vancouver conveying children with cerebral palsy for their treatments.  He died at the age of 76 years, January 21, 1965, and is buried at the Sunnyside Cemetery, Surrey, BC.

Early in his career Sergeant Pearson developed an interest in photography.   His pictures of “Depot” in the mid-1900s and of members undertaking equitation training have been used many times over in books covering the history of the Force.  His family have been kind enough to provide digital copies of his photo album and they have been sent to the Heritage Centre at “Depot.”

On December 02, 2010, Mayor Diane Watts, City of Surrey, officially opened an annex to the main detachment which houses all the plainclothes units.  When looking for a name to the annex, it had to be something significant to the RCMP and the City of Surrey.   The name chosen was the F.B. Pearson Building, due to Sergeant Pearson’s early connection to the RNWMP/RCMP and Surrey, as a serving member and a community volunteer.

Photograph below illustrates this new annex at Surrey Detachment.