SIMOA Survey

Dear RCMP Veterans Association Division:

We are inviting people 65 years of age and older to participate in an online survey related to sleeping pill use. The name of our survey is the SIMOA study.

We are reaching out to you (and other organizations across Canada) to ask for help with sharing information about the SIMOA study survey. Our aim is to have over 300 people from across Canada complete it.

Our request of you: Would you be willing to share information about our study with your members? If you think this might be possible, I’d be happy to discuss this further with you by phone or email.

Details about the study are provided below my name and the names of the lead investigators. I have also attached a PDF document that includes the same information about the study for your review.

Thank you for considering this request and I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Catherine Standage

Research Assistant, SIMOA study

Dalhousie University

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Study website:


Lead researchers of the SIMOA study 

Dr. Andrea Murphy

Faculty of Health

Dalhousie University, Halifax

Dr. David Gardner

Faculty of Medicine

Dalhousie University, Halifax


The issue:  

One in 10 older adults in Canada take a sleeping pill on a regular basis, often for many months or years. Medical experts recommend short-term use due to their risks. However, stopping sleeping pills can be difficult. We want to learn about people’s experiences when trying to stop sleeping pills (with and without success).


65 years of age and older

Live independently in the community (not residing in long-term care)

Sleeping pill use: either currently taking a sleeping pill or recently stopped taking a sleeping pill


Before completing the survey, read the full details at

Lead researchers 

Dr. Andrea Murphy is an Associate Professor with the Faculty of Health and Dr. David Gardner is a Professor with the Faculty of Medicine. Both are at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Safe use of medications is their research priority.

Learn more about the SIMOA study and the research team at


Dalhousie Research Ethics: 2020-5201