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Updated Message to RCMPVA – Miscalculation of VAC Benefits

Date:       May 27, 2022

Subject:  Updated Message to RCMPVA – Miscalculation of VAC Benefits

Dear Member:

Re: Miscalculation of Disability Pensions Class Action Lawsuit See Website: vetspensionerror.ca Or Call: 1-888-683-9621

This message is further to the RCMP Veterans’ Association Fan-Out of 16 AUGUST 2021.

Updated Information supplied by Dave White RCMP Reg. No. 34112 (Ret’d):

This involves RCMP/Armed Forces Disabled Veterans.

I thought you might like an update on the class-action I’m involved in as one of the representative plaintiffs.

This is the one involving Veterans’ Affairs Canada (VAC) and the accidental accounting error made around 2003. Though VAC eventually paid back the amount owed they refused to pay interest on the money owed. This class-action is about the interest owed on the money.

To date there has been no agreement reached with VAC and the matter is set to be heard in Federal Court in January 2023.

There is a possibility I may be deposed by lawyers for VAC in November 2022.

The lawyers feel they have a very strong case, and a good chance of being successful in Federal court.

I do have some new information to share with you.

There was $160 million dollars originally set aside by VAC to pay the amount the Disabled Veterans were owed due to the accounting error.

Only approximately $80 million Dollars has been paid to date. Apparently, VAC is having difficulty contacting the families of Disabled Veterans who have passed away?

I personally did receive some compensation for my father who was a disabled Armed Forces Veteran (Navy) and had passed away. I found the process somewhat complicated and time consuming. My brother actually handled that aspect of it.

While the lawyers were working on this class-action they found another error.

Under the Veterans Affairs Act, when VAC is determining Tax Credits and Canada Employment amounts, they are required to do any calculations based the province that has the most favourable rates for the Disabled Veterans.

VAC should have been using the NUNAVUT rate, which is the rate most favourable and they didn’t, I guess they made another accidental (??) error. The lawyers are looking for the amount owed plus interest on this error as well.

When I was meeting with my lawyer Mr. Daniel Wallace last Friday, he indicated this second error actually exceeds the interest owed on the accidental accounting error of 2003.

Mr. Wallace is with the law firm McInnis Cooper in Halifax:

Daniel Wallace*
1969 Upper Water St./Suite 1300/ McInnes Cooper Tower – Purdy’s Wharf
Halifax, N.S. B3J 2V1
Phone: 1.902.444.8630

Fax: 1-902-425-6350 Email: daniel.wallace@mcinnescooper.com

*D.F. Wallace P.C. Incorporated

As always, the above mentioned has to be proven in Federal Court.

There is nothing confidential in this message. Please feel free to pass this message onto any members/veterans you feel may be interested.

It would be nice to see family members of deceased RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces Disabled Veterans receive the money owed to the veterans.

Regrettably, the longer this goes on, the longer disabled veterans must wait for fair compensation.

Regards – Dave

More information is available by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link on drop down menu on the Website Home Page: vetspensionerror.ca

John Sherstone & Mike Duffy
Co-Chairs, RCMPVA Support & Advocacy

association.supportjsherstone@rcmpva.org association.supportmduffy@rcmpva.org




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