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Photograph of the buffalo head over the main door to "A" Block building at RCMP "Depot" Division (Source of photo - Sheldon Boles).



For this week, Ric Hall has selected the theme of “photographs received from Veterans.”

Photograph on the left is the buffalo head which is mounted over the main entrance to “A” Block building at “Depot” Division in Regina.




The following photographs are some which Ric has received:

Veteran Frank Kelley forward the following photograph which he discovered on the Bytown or Bust site (www.bytown.net) and was located in the ‘The Ottawa Valley fights for Freedom’ – WW 1 & 2, entry Nov. 11, 2013.”  The photograph is labelled “Petawawa Camp 1910.”  As far as we know, the RNWMP members were not stationed in or near Petawawa Ontario in 1910.  Therefore, one may conclude that the photograph is mislabeled  or the image is of Canadian Militia members.


Veteran Steve Gibson submitted “Surrey-Chilliwack RCMP Hockey Team in 1963.”  Does anyone known the members in the photograph?

Veteran Bill Sedler provided the details on the following hockey players: “Back rowDennis Dingle, unknown member,  Jim Leask, Don Nimchuk, Moe Atkinson, John Iwanson. 

Second row: Harry Hodgson, Bill Andrews, Bob Belter, George Foulon, Dave Jackson,

front row: Lou Tourcotte, Ken Duncan, McFadden unknown goalie, Ted Lucas  and last one is Kit Gill.”


Veteran Steve Gibson submitted “Surrey RCMP Cloverdale Bonspiel 1963.”  Does anyone know any of these members?


Veteran Steve Gibson submitted a photograph of “Sergeant Hugh Russell (Reg. #11973) while stationed at Cloverdale Detachment.”

Photograph of Hugh Russell at RCMP Cloverdale Detachment (Source of photo - Steve Gibson)

Veteran Steve Gibson submitted “RCMP Cloverdale Motorcycle Course inspection at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds in Surrey, B.C.”

RCMP Cloverdale motorcycle training course held at the Cloverdale fairgrounds in Surrey BC (Source of photo - Steve Gibson).

Veteran Steve Gibson submitted “Constable Bill Sedler – 1965 Cloverdale Detachment.”  According to Veteran Bill Sedler, “the photo was taken at the Cloverdale firearms range which was the old gravel pit south of #10 highway (56th Ave.) and east of King George Hwy.   I was stationed at the Whalley Sub/Office of the Cloverdale Detachment at the time.”

1965 - Photograph of Constable Bill Sedler taken while a member of RCMP Cloverdale Detachment (Source of photo - Steve Gibson).

If you have old Force photographs which you would like to contribute to Ric’s webpage, please email him at rshall69@shaw.ca.  Ric will arrange for the photographs to be scanned and returned to you.

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