New Book: Through Midnight Sapphires Into My Scarlet Heart





Another new book has been released on the topic of the RCMP.  Book was written by RCMP Veteran Sherry Williams and is entitled “Through Midnight Sapphires Into My Scarlet Heart.”




The following is the first review of this new book:

Alas, I think many people need this positive reflection in a concrete form such as this manuscript to, at least, realize their life is a journey.  I can only say that I enjoyed reading your words because your voice is reaching the place you describe…one of great humility, one of caring, one of kindness, one of understanding, and one of wise insight.  In my opinion, the exercise you have now brought to birth is only the beginning of a new journey but one with the clear understanding you articulate.

I am sure Greg Malone will be flattered by the impact his text had on you and your conclusion.

My thought is to publish the document because it is more than a worthy story; it is an example of PROCESS and how this process can do so much to heal, very poignant, very thoughtful, very stirring, very personal account. The power of words and ideas to inspire anyone who wants to achieve a sense of peace over their lives and to create a sense of inclusion for all of us who feel what you describe.  Thank you –—-”

                                                       Perry Matthews (Corner Brook, Newfoundland)

A journey of hope and self discovery.  A wonderful interweaving of past and present that gives the reader real insight into what mattered to Sherry and how she became who she is: the family connections, the friendships and the bonds across the country and across borders that have lasted a lifetime.  Her descriptions of places, people and homes are so vibrant they paint a picture as clear as if the reader were in those living rooms or walking beside her along the beaches or the village streets.  And sometimes the stories can bring tears to your eyes or just make you laugh out loud!  A read you won’t want to put down – a journey indeed.

                                                       Judy McClellan (Surrey, British Columbia)

For details about Sherry Williams and how to order her book – Check out her website here.