Red Coat Diaries: True Stories From The Royal Canadian Mounted Police





Constable Aaron Sheedy has undertaken a tribute to the men and women of the RCMP by pulling together most recent stories about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.





The Red Coat Diaries is a collection of personal experiences and insights from current or recently retired members of the RCMP. These stories are not glamorized accounts but provide a reflection of daily life and contributions made by many members of the Force.

For the Forward, Jode Worden (wife of the late Constable Christopher Worden who was killed on duty October 6, 2007 while stationed at Hay River Detachment) provided some very insightful comments such as – “the membership family which includes members and their families” and how they are drawn together to support each other in both geographical isolation and tragedy.

Stories are grouped together under one of three categories: Adventures In Far Off Places; Nowhere Near Ordinary and A Time For Action. Many stories relate to individuals applying for the Force and their subsequent basic training experiences at the RCMP “Depot” Division in Regina. A similar experience has played out by all Force members since “Depot” was established in 1885.

One story of particular interest was that of Sergeant Mirza Karimullah who grew up in a large urban area of Canada and was transferred to a northern Saskatchewan community. A culture shock for him and to all the other members facing a similar transfer. Thrust into a new surrounding and circumstances, members have to adapt to the new surroundings and become an essential component of the communities they serve. In so doing, members learn more about themselves and develop close bonds within the community and the members they serve with. It is this close membership bond that these members depend on in times of crisis and tragedy. Within the book, there are several stories containing the comments and reflections of losing a work colleague and close friend.

Another story of interest was that of Constable Kevin Morris’ account of working in Surrey Detachment and his description of it being “Action Central.” As outlined by Morris “For a first posting, Surrey was the place to be. I’ve chased stolen cars, been in foot chases with armed suspects, and backed-up the dog-man; it seemed like it would be action and adventure all the time. Chasing bad guys every night, it was hard to believe they paid me to do this!

In my opinion, this book pays tribute to the men and women of the RCMP. It is their unselfish dedication to law enforcement, assisting in times of need and supporting their communities they serve. For Force members, this tradition of service has continued since the organization was created in 1873. Over this span of time, over 60,000 members have served in the Force and 234 members paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This 161 page book is an easy read and is appropriate for individuals of all ages. Anyone curious about becoming a police member will find this book entertaining and informative. For retired RCMP members, the stories will rekindle their own memories to similar circumstances.

The book is available at most book stores in Canada and on-line from the following book outlets:

The Mountie Shop


Proceeds from the sale of these books go to the RCMP Foundation which supports many police community programs across Canada.

A second book is in the work.



Photograph of the book cover for the book "Red Coat Diaries: True Stories From The Royal  Canadian Mounted Police" Edited by Cst. Aaron Sheedy.

Photograph of the book cover for the book “Red Coat Diaries: True Stories From The Royal Canadian Mounted Police” Edited by Cst. Aaron Sheedy.