RCMP Member’s Assistance To Senior Recognized

Photograph of a RCMP police car door (Source of photo - Sheldon Boles)




The news media are quick to report on the poor judgement of a few RCMP members but fail to outline that the majority of the Force members remain dedicated to serving their communities.  The countless good deeds seem to go unrecognized.




Veteran Ken Hollas received the following letter and photograph which speaks to the good deeds made by most members of the Force everyday.

Constable Darren Mulrooney was exceptionally caring for a traffic accident victim in her 80’s on December 4th.  She was driving to a women’s group luncheon when her car was flipped by a truck which was passing her.  She was more concerned at not being able to bring the ham for the meal than she was about her injuries.

Darren offered to take the ham himself, phoned the church to notify us of the delay, and delivered it to 40 appreciative women.

To thank him, we offered him lunch, and one woman composed this poem:

We have a hero among us today,

His name is Darren Mulrooney.

He came to us with ham in hand

Worth more to us than a gooney!

Not only did he comfort Betty

Who was involved in a crash,

But brought the ham when Betty pleaded

So we offered him some of our mashed…

Potatoes (they really were scalloped).

So our thanks to you, Darren, for helping us out,

You’re now down in history –

For rescuing Betty and bringing the ham

To our annual Christmas Tea. 


Photograph of Constable Darren Mulrooney with the women of the senior’s centre who received the ham.