PSAC Strike – Impact on Veterans Affairs Canada


April 21 – 2023

This afternoon, along with other military and FSNA representatives, I met with Deputy Minister, Veterans Affairs Canada, Paul Ledwell, via video.  The main topic of discussion was the impact of the Public service strike on Veterans Affairs Canada services.

In essence: 75% of VAC employees are members of the striking union;(480 public service employees are “case managers)

..30% of those public servents are deemed “essential” and will work throughout the strike.

..Current benefits, financial payments, treatments, will not be disrupted;

..Telephone calls to VAC normally involve 1-3 minutes of wait time.  You can now expect delays of 15 to 20 minutes;

..New claims will continue to be processed, however, with the majority of staff on strike, it will take longer for new files to be attended to;

..Urgent need requests will be addressed on a priority basis;

..In-person meetings will continue, however, most appointments have been rescheduled for afternoons.

The backlog of claims to be adjudicated has been reduced to around 6500.  One month ago the backlog was 8000.  NOTE, backlog means those claims above and beyond the 16 week targed.

I will keep everyone apprised.

A.P. (Sandy) Glenn,  National President
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans Associati