Proud Mountie Parent Moment for Kate and David Hansen

Canada Described in Poetry

Dear Members,

Seldom do we hear of the good works of our members offspring. Very fortunately we have recently been provided with an exemplary example of what is being achieved.

The perception and empathy of the individual and the family are essential elements of life.

The perception and empathy displayed in the poem that follows should not be regarded as exceptional because of her age but rather because of her wisdom.

So, please read the poem. After that you will find all the details of where it came from.

James Forrest
Director of Communications

Remembrance Lesson

I feel badly now for grumbling
When Mom said we had to go,
I watched her put her boots on
And a poppy, I thought, for show.

I had to stand there waiting
While she lined up with her “Reds”
And she smiled and introduced me
To some “vets”, was what she said.

I watched some old men struggle
To stand up nice and tall,
And the place got very somber
When I heard the bugle call.

They spoke about my freedom
And the price that it had cost,
All the young men who had fought there
All the things that had been lost.

I felt a lump in my throat
And I saw a single tear
Fall upon Moms red serge jacket
As the end was coming near.

I’d never thought about it,
The freedom I have now
And those who came before me
To ensure this all, somehow.

So as I lay my poppy
I will say a little prayer
Thank you, all — forever
I will honour you, I swear.

Sarah Hansen

The author of this poem, Sarah Hansen, is a Grade 10 student at Princess Margaret School, Penticton, British Columbia. She is a finalist in a national poetry writing competition with this poem.

She is also the daughter of David and Kate Hansen who are both members of the South Okanagan Division of the Association.

David tells us that “Sarah will have this second poem published in “The Orcas Dance – A Collection of Poems and Short Stories Written by Young Canadians” –

Not sure where she will place in the contest this year, as she won first prize for her submission “Police Mom” in the publication last year.

She has been asked to recite her poem at the West Kelowna Remembrance Day service, and Kate and I will be attending in Boots and Breeches to support her there…

Donna Morse sought permission, and advised that they will be posting the poem in the upcoming Vancouver Division newsletter.

The poem is also available from the Penticton Herald


Sarah with her parents Kate and David on either side

Sarah and Kate Hansen

Sarah with her proud parents



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