Presentation of a Commemorative Coin

Presentation of a Commemorative Coin
and Certificate in memory
of Heidi Stevenson 

Letter from the President

I wish to share with everyone, an outstanding act of compassion and caring provided by our Victoria Division and in particular, President Rosie Bowman.

We were all devastated, learning of the death of our serving sister, Heidi Stevenson, who courageously fought face to face with the infamous murderer of 22 persons in Nova Scotia last year and lost her life in doing so. Heidi left behind a husband, two children, and her loving parents.

Victoria Division wanted to recognize Heidi’s bravery in the face of extreme danger and at the same time, show their compassion and support for her husband, Dean Stevenson.  This act of compassion included the designing and production of a beautiful commemorative coin displaying the RCMP Veterans’ Association crest on one side and a uniform member in the mourning position on the other.  Each one of these beautiful coins has been numbered and I am so grateful they provided me with coin number one to present to Dean Stevenson.

After numerous attempts to present were postponed due to COVID-19, this memorial event was finally accomplished at ”H” Division Headquarters on Thursday, the 18th of March, just one month and one day short of the day she lost her life.  I am so grateful I was given the honour of presenting the coin and a framed message of support provided by Victoria Division to Dean, in the presence of her parents.  It was an extremely moving circumstance.

Herewith are photographs of the event along with pictures of the coin.

From left to right, Brian Carter, current President of the RCMP Veterans Association, Nova Scotia Division. Next to Brian is Heidi’s mother with Dean in the centre.  Heidi’s father is on Dean’s immediate left and beside him is the current Commanding Officer, ”H” Division, Assistant Commissioner Lee Bergerman and I am standing next to her.
Heidi’s family is so appreciative of this show of support and President Carter assured the family the Association will always be there to assist in any way.  I might also add the support shown to Dean by ‘’H’’ Division and, especially, the Commanding Officer was very obvious. As per current NS Division policy as is the case in most other Association Divisions, Dean, as a spouse of a deceased serving and former member was invited to join the Association as an Associate member (without dues and contribution) and he gratefully accepted. 
Tragic events can bring out the best in people and indeed, the Association.  It is so important folks are aware we, the Association is there to help when help is needed.  Thank you to Rosie and Victoria Division for providing this demonstration of support and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.


Sandy Glenn, President
RCMP Veterans Association
Members Helping Members and their Families



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