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The Office of Public Engagement

Dear Members of the Association

The Association Board of Directors (BoD) is pleased to announce the creation of a new office for the Association.

The Office of Public Engagement was created during the April 14th., 2021 BoD meeting. This office will be tasked with developing public recognition of the Association and support for particular causes or policies deemed to be suitable for Association backing. Issues such as inadequate funding of the Force or refutation of erroneous media reports on the Force or our Association will be considered amongst many others.

This office will report directly to the BoD and be guided in its operations by the direction of the BoD.

Liaison with media will be a key feature of this office and the office will be in a position to comment publicly, as appropriate, on events affecting areas of interest to the Association.

Managing this office will be Nova Scotia Division member Steve Mills with the title, Chief Public Engagement.

Steve Mills

Steve has recently spoken out publicly in Nova Scotia about the media reporting surrounding the events at Portapique and will bring an excellent skill set to the job.
Assisting Steve will be Edmonton Division member, Gibson Glavin who is the former OIC Strategic Comms for “K” Division. Gibson brings with him a singular knowledge of the functions of this type of office and a strong willingness to be a participant in Association operations.

Gibson Glavin

This is a major policy initiative for the Association and is part of our program of developing increased awareness of the Association and the work that it does. Goals that are reflected in our new Governance Manual and the Association Manual.

It is anticipated that this office will provide a voice for veterans and serving members of the Force that does need to be heard.

James Forrest
Director of Communications



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