Operation Morale Builder

Operation Morale Builder

Dear Members of the Association,

President Bob Ellergodt of Calgary Division has asked that the following message be distributed.

Good day Calgary Division:

As you are aware, Operation Morale Builder was developed in June 2020 in an effort to help build the morale of our serving members. I thank Dave Henry for making the phone call that started all this off.

Our program, your program was shared with our Association in an effort to expand the program nationally.

Sandy Glenn, our Association President, supported our initiative and ensured that all our Divisions across Canada were made aware of our program. As we understand it, a large number of our Divisions across Canada started their own programs to support our serving members.

For those of you that have participated in our program, I am sure you have shared with me the smiles and tears of our serving members as we drive by, flags flying, horns honking, and sharing our shouts of solidarity for a job well done. Surprisingly, this has also been a GREAT program for our Veterans allowing them to once again join together for some comradery and just plain old fun.

Your help and devotion to our plan brought us to this point. Our finale was August 27that Chestermere Detachment and then the Duncan Building. We were glad to see you there. Our record to date is 30 vehicles at a single location.

I would like to share the newspaper article that was displayed in the Drumheller Newspaper after the conclusion of our drive by there.

All the best,

Bob Ellergodt, President
Calgary Division RCMP Veterans Associatio

And a congratulatory note from the District Commander, Southern Alberta District

“Hello Bob, what an incredibly successful “operation”. We often speak of the bond that exists among members, employees and families. The commitment, dedication and compassion displayed by our vets and their families clearly demonstrates that this bond lasts long after active duty, it clearly lasts a lifetime. I can assure you that the efforts of each one who participated and supported this operation was greatly appreciated by all. I truly believe that the most precious gift anyone can give is the gift of their time, for 2.5 months you have all given so much.

On behalf of the CO, CROPS, all active members, employees and their families, thank you.


Trevor Daroux, O.O.M.
Chief Superintendent
District Commander Southern Alberta District
RCMP “K”Division
200-2 Highland Park Way N.E.
Airdrie, Alberta

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