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Veterans’ Ombudsman – Craig Dalton – Annual Report

Dear Association Members,

You will recall that Ombudsman Dalton conducted a tour of Canada in 2019 speaking to Veterans from coast to coast to coast.  Included in his travels were meetings with members of our Association as well as attending the Advocates Workshop in Regina hosted and organized by our Chief Advocate Ruby Burns.

Notwithstanding that he is not empowered to speak to Parliament on behalf of RCMP Veterans he did provide guidance to our members and certainly, in the meeting that I had with him, took the time to explain issues affecting veterans and offered help where he thought he could be of value.

As you will see in the Receiving and Resolving Complaints section of the report Mr. Dalton’s department has assisted RCMP members, serving and retired, regular and cm’s in resolving Veterans’ Affairs Canada (VAC) claims.

As you read through the report you will notice that our Association has a very substantial role in the Veterans Ombudsman Advisory Committee (VOAC) with stalwarts such as Dave Leblanc and Al Rivard participating.

You will also notice that Nova Scotia Division (in the form of Jan and Vic Gorman) received the Ombudsman’s Commendation award for 2018.

President Walker has asked that the report be distributed to you.

There is a preamble from Mr. Dalton and the link to the actual report is contained in the preamble.

The details follow.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Subject: OVO 2018-2019 Annual Report

I am pleased to announce to you that our 2018-2019 Annual Report Focus on Fairness was tabled yesterday in the House of Commons by the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence.

You can access the report by clicking here:

In effort to reduce our environmental footprint, we are encouraging you to download these digital copies available on our Web site in both French and English.

Publishing an annual report affords the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman an opportunity to share highlights of our work with Canadians, Veterans, their families, and the Veterans’ community at large. The 2018-2019 Annual Report includes information such as: stories about the support provided to Veterans and their families; information about complaints received; systemic investigations conducted; publications released; and, engagement activities undertaken.

My message, found on page 2, also includes reflections that are in part a result of the rich discussions I’ve been able to have had with Veterans, their families, and with you our valued partners. I appreciate the many meaningful engagements we’ve had since assuming my term as Canada’s Veterans Ombudsman.

I encourage you to read the report and to share it broadly within your community as a means to draw attention to how the office can help those Veterans and their families who might feel that they were not fairly treated regarding a Veterans Affairs Canada program or service.

I very much look forward to the progress to be made this year advancing fairness in support of Veterans and their families.

Best regards,

Craig Dalton
Veterans Ombudsman


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