New Book: RCMP Manual of Horsemanship

Photograph of Don Klancher's new book entitled "Royal Canadian Mounted Police Manual of Horsemanship (Source of photo - Don Klancher)




Veteran Don Klancher has just completed another one of his well researched book on the Force.  As many Veterans and historican are well aware, Don’s books are recognized a key references for collectors and museums.

All of his book contain detail not publicly known.



This new book entitled “Royal Canadian Mounted Police Manual of Horsemanship” is another must have book.

The following details were provided by Don Klancher:

The original manuscript was completed in late 1958, or early 1959, while then-Superintendent Henry A. Maxted was Commanding Officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Training Centre, at “Depot” Division, Regina, Saskatchewan.   

He wrote that “… the preparation of the Manual was not the work of any one individual, but rather the compilation, under one cover, of the tried and proven practices followed over the years at the two main training centres of the Force – “Depot” Division, Regina, Saskatchewan, and “N” Division, Ottawa, Ontario.”

The manuscript was typed on one side of the page, double-spaced, without page numbers.  To the extent possible, during the editing process, the writing style of the author was retained however, spelling errors were corrected, minor grammatical issues were addressed, the index was revised and footnotes were added.

The excellent black and white illustrations, by then-Sergeant James C. Coughlin, were included in the original manuscript. 

The book offers considerable details on many topics and is divided into twelve chapters:

    1:      Horsemanship – Stable Management           
    2 :     Equitation – Training the Recruit    
    3 :     Saddlery       
    4 :     Truncheon Drill   
    5 :     Lance Drill       
    6 :     Training the Remount       
    7 :     Mounted Sports       
    8 :     Mounted Escorts           
    9 :     Driving Carriage Teams       
 10 :     Musical Rides       
 11 :     Activity Ride           
 12 :     The Guidon          

Printed on 70 pound, uncoated, offset book paper; 290 pages on 8½ X 11; hard bound, pages drilled and stitched for added strength. 

Available in the near future, in a limited edition of one hundred (100) numbered copies, signed by the editor.  Numbers (above 35) assigned as orders received.

Price $52.95, plus shipping; Canadian orders add appropriate GST or HST.

This if the fifth book project of the editor.  His previous books were:

Arms & Accoutrements of the Mounted Police : 1873-1973
by Roger F. Phillips and Donald J. Klancher (1982; 212 pp)

The North West Mounted Police and the North West Rebellion
by Donald J. Klancher (1997, revised 1999; 152 pp)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association:  1924-1999
by Donald J. Klancher  (1999; 280 pp)

Insignia of the Canadian Mounted Police: 1873-1998
by Donald J. Klancher  (2009; 620 pp)

For further details, or to place your order, please e-mail editor at:

Photograph of an unknown member on horseback at "Depot" Division. (Source of photo - RCMP Historical Collections Unit - "Depot" Division)

Photograph of an unknown member on horseback at “Depot” Division. (Source of photo – RCMP Historical Collections Unit – “Depot” Division)