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This information is being provided to all Association Members

OnLine Membership Renewal

The RCMP Veterans’ Association announces the online membership renewal service for its existing Active members.

Following a successful inaugural year of the Association’s offering of the online membership service for new members, current members will now be able to renew their annual memberships online.

Our Association website has been updated with the renewal option at:

Each Active Member who has not yet renewed his/her 2020 membership will receive a personalized email from the ecommerce program within the next 2-3 days.  The email will provide the specific login instructions and steps to take in renewing your membership.

As with changes and new options, there can be expected to be some issues and therefore, should anyone have difficulties or wish to provide feedback, please send an email to:

Each email will be addressed to remedy the situation or to consider the feedback.

Each month, the Association Office will provide a report and transfer of funds to the respective divisions on their members that renewed online.  The Association Membership database will also be updated to assure that each member’s records are current.

For some, the option to renew online will be a valued addition and for others the current options to mail/give/etransfer your cheque/cash/funds to your division will be their preferred choice.  The choice is yours.  During the start-up phase (1-2 years), the transaction fees for the online service (new or renewed memberships) are paid by the Association.

As of December 12th, we have 2263 members who have renewed their memberships for 2020 and we have over 3000 whose membership renewals are due on January 1st, 2020.

During the past 4 years, we have had over 400 members, each year, that do not renew and hopefully, the addition of the online renewal option will make it easier for those members to renew their memberships on time.

It is difficult to estimate the hundreds of volunteer hours that division treasurers, membership teams, and the Board of Directors expend to collect fees, update member records and do the bookkeeping – for some it is doable, for many it is challenging – leveraging the proven online ecommerce technologies is a must for our Association.

Looking forward, the online service will also afford the Association the option to automatically send email reminders to renew and the option to set automatic renewals will also be explored.

We look forward to your participation, as we strive to improve services and support for you, our valued member.

Thank you,

Steve Walker
President of The Association

Below is a video explaining the online renewal process
You may receive a warning when clicking on this video.  If so, to view the video please choose the open this in a new window option.

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