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The 2020 AGM in Regina

The old saying is that pictures convey more than the spoken word ever can.  Witness the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina at Depot Division.

Graduating Troop 10 at Sergeant Major’s Parade, RCMP Depot Division, Regina SK

Then think back to the day you graduated from Depot Division.  Troop members going all over the country possibly never to be seen again.

Arriving in places like Dawson Detachment
Or hidden away in the
Security Service

Now All is Forgiven And You Can Come Back to Depot

Where, hopefully, pushups are not required

And where, if pushups aren’t your thing, you can visit the Heritage Centre and view some equipment that will remind you of those first days on detachment.

Or for those of you with a lower regimental number….

So, if you’re looking at your calendar for the coming year, be sure and ink in June 4th., to June 7th., for our Annual General Meeting and all the activities that spin around the meeting.

A lot of conversation and an opportunity to bring the Board of Directors up to date on the latest and the greatest from our Divisions.  And, an opportunity to throw your ideas into the mix of where the Association should be heading.  We all know that fraternal organizations such as ours are, in some instances showing signs of decline and the Board is constantly on the lookout for proposals that could be undertaken to stimulate membership in our Association.  These are the kinds of discussions that the Board would like to have with you, the members.

Naturally all these discussions can be held during the variety of receptions that are being hosted both by Regina Division and the Association.  Many great ideas are hatched over a glass darkly.  

As well, one should not forget the events being planned by Regina Division.  Tours of  Depot Division including the training simulators, visits to the dormitories and a troop drill demonstration.  An exploration of the RCMP Heritage Centre with lunch that will coincide with the official launch of the “Pillars of the Force” campaign.
 Then, Saturday night will be the scene of a fabulous gala dinner at the Delta Hotel.  Truly a lovely spot as can be seen in their photograph selection here. 

Pricing?   $75.00 per person.   An excellent value for such a spectacular event.

Visiting the Regina Division website and clicking on the AGM menu item will take you to an Accommodations submenu which provides pricing for the Delta hotel and details on local campgrounds.  If you look at the transportation submenu you will see some of the discounts that WestJet is offering to our members.

Registering for the event can be done online, again at under the AGM 2020 menu item on the Regina Division website  – scrolling down to registration will give you the option of printing the application and mailing it in or registering on line.

If you would like to see this all laid out in point form simply go to view what all is happening.

Delta Hotels by Marriott Regina

But, let’s not forget that when you want to get away from all the hurly-burly of the AGM there are always tours of the Queen’s city available.  A modern cosmopolitan city with some lovely quiet areas tucked away 

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