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Successful Conclusion to a 15 Year Investigation

Dear Association Members,

Insp. (ret) Gerry Belliveau of New Brunswick Division has brought to our attention an intriguing CBC drama entitled “The Detectives”.  It’s a factual series that uses the actual information of a case and marries it up to a dramatized re-enactment to tell the stories of the work of the investigators.

Retired Inspector Gerry Belliveau served almost 36 years with the RCMP, and conducted numerous investigations across nine provinces. Belliveau is the recipient of numerous awards and commendations, including the Commissioner’s Commendation for Outstanding Service, for solving the double homicide of Mary Lou Barnes and her son Larry Jr.  Belliveau retired in 2014 and currently works as a consultant for complicated cases for both lawyers and police agencies.

The episode that Gerry is highlighting is Season 3 | Episode 1 – titled “Mother and Son”.   It will be on the CBC on Thursday, January 9th., at 9:00 PM

Speaking of his work with the show Gerry mentioned that, “I was approached by one of the writers and the “Show Runner/Producer(s)” well over a year ago.   With the okay from the RCMP and more specifically the family, in this case, Larry Mills, I assisted the writers in laying out the very factual story of this investigation.

I must say, I was impressed with the tactfulness and respect given to the family during the research and filming of the show.

Actor Allan Hawco (Republic of Doyle) plays Gerry Belliveau.  It is a true story played out by actors and in this case, at one point in the show, highlights new techniques in DNA advancement.

Gerry went on to observe that “Having served almost 36 years (15+ years on MCU), this was my first experience working with the filming industry.  The company “WAM Media Group Inc” is in it’s 3rd season working with CBC” (and, as an added bonus) “I am on screen from time to time narrating some aspects of the file.

The case centres around the work of Gerry and Sgt. Greg Lupson in investigating the assault and strangling of 37-year-old Mary Lou Barnes and her 12-year-old son, Larry Mills Jr.  in the British Settlement, NB., area (about 55 kilometers southeast of Moncton).  Mother and son, who had been strangled with pantyhose on November 5th., 1995 were found the following day on November 6th., 1995. In a trailer park in British Settlement.

Mary Lou Barnes and Larry Mills Jr.

Sgt. Greg Upson

Following a review of the evidence in 2008 and improvements in DNA testing in the intervening years the Force was able to identify a known criminal, Raymond Joseph White, as the murderer.  He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in April 2010.

Raymond Joseph White

Raymond Joseph White was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty November 1, 2011 to two counts of second-degree murder.

White was sentenced in Moncton provincial court on Tuesday. He will not be eligible for parole for 15 years.

Curiously enough, prior to the murders, White had lived a couple of trailers away from Barnes and her family (she separated from her husband Larry Mills Sr. shortly after their arrival in British Settlement) and Barnes and White’s wife had worked together at a nursing home in Sackville, N.B.

White has never revealed the reason for his actions.

Again, we would like to thank Gerry for bringing this to our attention and providing narrative to go with the story.

Gerry and Greg’s determination to bring this case to a close is certainly to be lauded and reflects the skill set contained within the Force that is not always brought to our attention.

Reminder: The show airs on CBC, January 9th., “The Detectives” at 9:00PM.

Congratulations to Gerry and Greg on the successful conclusion of the case and bringing it to the public’s attention.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

In 2001, the year Larry Mills Jr. would have graduated, Angela Varner and Donnie Steeves wrote about him in their high school yearbook.
Larry Mills Jr. was a Grade 7 student at Marshview Middle School in Sackville in 1995, when he and his mother were murdered in their home. The violent crime shook the community and left the victims’ family and friends reeling, searching for answers and meaning.
To help make sense of the tragedy, teachers and students at Larry Jr.’s middle school decided to build a memorial playground to the 12-year-old.
Larry Mills Sr. always carries a picture of his late son, Larry Mills Jr. in his wallet. The struggle of living with the tragedy is apparent in Mills’ voice. (CBC)


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