Memorial for RCMP Officer Edgar Millen Restored

Reg. # 9669 Cst. Edgar Millen, who was killed in the line of duty while pursuing the notorious ‘Mad Trapper’, Albert Johnson, in 1932

Cst. Edgar Millen

Dear Members of the Association, A variety of media outlets have provided the story of the restoration of the memorial to Cst. Edgar Millen. We have chosen the CBC version which follows and which is available at . As will be seen in the story the restoration has involved the Force and members of the Fort McPherson community. The Association wishes to thank all those involved for their work in restoring this historical memorial. James Forrest Director of Communications

A memorial dedicated to Millen has been restored by the RCMP with the help of community members near the site of his death. Alfred Itsi and RCMP Cst. Scott Thomas install plaques on the memorial Cairn. (Virtual Museum of Canada/RCMP)  Not shown in the photo, but a fellow worker is Cst. Tom Lemay, also from Fort McPherson RCMP

A memorial dedicated to a police officer killed by one of the N.W.T.’s most infamous outlaws has been refurbished and restored, thanks to the help of Fort McPherson residents. The Millen Cairn sits 40 kilometres away from the community of Fort McPherson on Millen Creek, near the Rat River. Accessible by snowmobile, it stands near the site where RCMP Cst. Edgar Millen was killed by Albert Johnson on Jan. 30, 1932. Johnson, known as the “Mad Trapper,” led police on a manhunt through the northern wilderness, ultimately dying in a firefight on Feb. 17 that same year. The story garnered international attention and has been the subject of decades of speculation and numerous books and films. According to a news release issued Thursday by RCMP, the cairn has been rebuilt over the last several months, with permanent plaques installed in English, French and Gwich’in, to recognize the sacrifice of the fallen officer. A pole with a Canadian flag was also installed.

Accessible by snowmobile, the refurbished Millen Cairn holds plaques in English, French and Gwich’in. (RCMP)

“A small ceremony has been planned for the week of March 22 to 26, in which community members who make the journey, along with NT RCMP representatives, will re-dedicate the Cairn to Cst. Millen,” the release reads, adding that arrangements have been made to transport elders to the site. “Thank you to all the Fort McPherson community members who have assisted the RCMP with this important project.”

Workers on site at the Millen cairn.


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