Help Us – Identify These RCMP Members

Photograph of unknown RCMP member





Veteran Ric Hall sent us the following details and the photographs below.





Came across these two pictures if unknown members.

Photograph of four unknown RCMP members who had just received their RCMP Long Service medal.

Photograph of an RCMP member who had just received his RCMP Long Service Medal.

It would appear they were taken at a Long Service Medal presentation.   Based on the fact all the members are wearing the old style collar badges with the Tudor Crown, pre -Queen Elizabeth II, but the LSM has the effigy of the Queen on the obverse of the medal, which had its inception in 1955 and remains unchanged to this day, the photos must have been taken in the mid-1950s.

The RCMP badge was re-designed by an Order-in-Council, with maple leaves reflecting the ten provinces and (at that time) two territories.  At the request of the Queen, the new badge bearing the St Edward crown was approved and phased in from 1954, over a five-year period, to the “other ranks.”

Another bit of Force Trivia!

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