Daughter’s Poem to RCMP Dad

Photograph of RCMP members in red serge.





RCMP Veteran Paul McGowan submitted the following poem which his daughter wrote in grade 12 to pay tribute to her father and his service in the RCMP.  His daughter is now in 2nd year university.



This RCMP officer has a mustache ever so black,

and on his head he has a giant brown hat.

He wears a bright red coat symbolizing pride,

and navy blue pants with yellow stripes on the side.

He has a thick brown belt strapped around his waist,

and giant smile spread across his face.

His is a man of the ages, at ripe old fifty,

he wears heavy brown boots which look quite nifty.

He is a man of great height, with a very giving heart,

he is strong and buff, and cannot be broken apart.

He gets to drive his own special car,

with rules set out few and far.

Lights blue and red flash when he is on the chase,

but don’t try to run because you know you won’t win that race.

He puts the public before himself,

which can sometimes affect his health.

He can get relocated to any place,

but manages to do the job with a brave face.

He is a man who puts away the bad,

I am lucky to call this man my dad.

Photograph of RCMP police car with emergency equipment activated