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Attendance Allowance

Dear Members of the Association,

This message is a follow-up to an earlier message regarding the VAC Attendance Allowance. It will be recalled that the allowance is “If you have a serious disability you may need the help of a caregiver on a daily basis. The attendance allowance helps to cover the cost of hiring a caregiver to assist you in your day-to-day life (VAC).

We earlier misquoted the amounts available.

The amounts available may be found on the VAC website by clicking here.

An extensive explanation of the program may be found by clicking here.

We would ask that if you are aware of individual(s) who may be eligible for the allowance that you draw their attention to it. Similarly those without computers will need your help to acquire the information and possibly print it out for them.

We strongly recommend that if you need any help you contact your Division Advocate who can walk you through the process. The list of Division advocates is available here.

Sandy Glenn, President
RCMP Veterans’ Association

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