2021 AGM Overview

Overview 2021 AGM

FROM: 2021 AGM Committee


Further to the Notice of AGM sent out on April 19th 2021, the following will provide an overview of the 2021 AGM process.

For the first time ever, our membership from every division across the country has the opportunity to participate in an AGM without having to travel. This unique event gives participants the ability to see and hear the AGM, see the Commissioner address the membership in attendance and pose questions to her and have her respond. During the general meeting portion of the afternoon all members will be able to  express concerns, make suggestions and be part of setting the course for our Association.

As we prepare for our 2021 AGM to be held virtually on June 5th we are working through some new territory while meeting the regulations of the Canada Not for Profit Act. We are also striving to provide some of the familiar aspects of the AGM format that most of the membership is familiar with.

We are working with Data On the Spot to host our meeting. With their help our goal is to have all active members be able to participate with a few simple mouse clicks.

To have access the system a voter registration email will be sent to all active members’ (dues paid) who have provided an email address in their profile.

The registration email will come from vote@simplyvoting.com The email subject line will be: 2021 RCMPVA AGM – Voter Registration Email

Please look for this email on Sunday May 16, and respond to the online prompts to register to be part of the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

Also look for a follow up message on other aspects of the AGM later this month.

Thank you for the investment of your time and engagement.

2021 AGM Committee



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