Veteran Dave Green’s Photo Memories




The widow of Dave Green, Reg # 19730, was kind enough to send along some photos of training courses Dave attended during his years of Service in “E” Division.   I thought they may be of interest to other members and bring back some memories.





Below “E” Division Traffic Training Course – March 1967 – Victoria

Note: a few members are still wearing the old cloth cap with the yellow piping.

Police Personnel Management Basic Course – March 1973 – CFB Esquimalt


CPIC Host Supervisors Course – January/February 1978 – Vancouver

Police Explosives Course – May 1978 – Vancouver

Note: they all appear to still have all their fingers and toes!

North Vancouver Detachment in the 1960s (Source of photo – North Vancouver archives).

Survival Training aka Bush Training

The picture below shows what I believe is Dave’s troop, from training in 1957, preparing to go on their Survival Training or Bush Training as some called it.

Photo taken from a 1950s era RCMP Quarterly of a young recruit prepared for his Survival Training.

Veteran Keith Leishman, Reg # 22222, a memmber of the Vancouver Division RCMP Veterans Association recalls having experienced “Survival Training”… “I got my S.T. in the Gatineau hills across the Ottawa River in Quebec and we were kitted out in much the same type fatigue-style uniform.”  Keith has provided some photographs of his troop’s (Troop #6 – 1962) adventures in the hills of Gatineau.   Unfortunately, digital and cell phone cameras were not around to document their adventures and the quality of the reproduced photos is not that great.   I wonder what todays members would think if they were told part of their police training would be an all expense paid wilderness vacation in the Gatineau Hills.

And just to end off this trip down memory lane here are a couple of photos from the past.

Remember the old strap iron cells?

Without Fear, Favour or Affection!

I wonder if this Rider of the Plains is issuing a ticket or getting the young lady’s telephone #?

Time for a smoke break while the siren gets adjusted!

Proud of their police cars!

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