Vancouver Division – April 2020 Newsletter


April 2020

GENERAL MEETINGS:​ Our General Meeting,scheduled for April 16th, was cancelled because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

As we end another week of the “Stay Home” and “Social Distancing” measures that have been put in place, we can only hope that there are brighter days on the horizon.  Our collective efforts seem to be having some positive results in “flattening the curve”, but our government and health officials advise us that it could be a while yet before the restrictions are eased or lifted.  Consequently, our May General Meeting and our June Social have also been cancelled.

COVID-19:​ On a sad note, we have learned that retired member Reg. #24291, Cpl. John R. Fox, succumbed to COVID-19 on April 6 at Maple Ridge Hospital.  Our sincere condolences to John’s family.  John’s story was shared widely on social media and was subject of a CTV News report emphasizing the seriousness of the virus.

On a more positive note, the Vancouver Division member, who was hospitalized a month ago with COVID-19, is reportedly improving.  As of Monday, the member had been taken off the ventilator and was breathing on his own.  The member remains in hospital and we wish him well and pray for continued improvement in his condition.

SURREY POLICE DEPARTMENT:    Many of our members have been following the proposed transition to a Surrey Police Department closely.  These links to CTV News and Surrey Leader Now stories detail some of the dealings that A/Comm (retired) Al MacIntyre experienced with Mayor Doug McCallum.

DUES FOR 2020:     Our Treasurer reports that 331 members have paid their 2020 membership dues, however, despite reminder emails and letters, a total of 55 members have not yet paid their dues. This posting on the Division website details how your 2020 dues can be paid if you haven’t already done so.  

EXECUTIVE POSITION VACANCIES:     Would you like to become more involved in the Veterans Association?  There are still openings on the Executive that may be of interest to you.  The terms for some of the Director positions on the Executive will be up at the end of 2020.  Positions that are currently vacant or will become vacant are:

1. Director Ceremonies and Memorabilia (term 2020/21)

2. Vice President (term 2021/22)

3. Secretary (term 2021/22)

Further information on how to become involved is contained in the website posting:

PLANNED EVENTS:     With the cancellation of our General Meetings, the presentation of long/good service pins & bars as well as a planned memorial service will be postponed until the fall, when we will hopefully be able to meet.

The RCMPVA National Annual General Meeting scheduled for Regina, SK, June 4 – 7, 2020 has been cancelled.  The unveiling of the “Pillars of The Force” at the RCMP Heritage Centre which was planned to coincide with the AGM has also been cancelled.

Vancouver Division Past President Donna Morse is an Ambassador for the Pillars of the Force program and may be able to answer questions that you may have.  Donna will be making a presentation on the Pillars program at our next General Meeting.  Here is the link for more information on this program:

If you have any questions, please contact Donna at:

AGM 2021 VANCOUVER:     Vancouver Division is scheduled to host the National AGM for 2021.  Because the AGM 2020 was cancelled, the structure of this event is unknown.  We do know that when we are through this crisis, volunteers will be needed for the planning committee and to assist at the event.  If you are interested, please contact Vice-President Gord Cave at:

DIRECTOR OF ADVOCACY:     Our Director of Advocacy, John Sherstone has worked on several requests for assistance over the past few weeks.  John is in regular communication with his counterparts across the country and at the National office who can provide assistance to retired members and their families at critical times.  Thank you, John, for your efforts.  Further information on the program is available on the National website:

The link to the Advocacy Manual may be a helpful resource.  The Survivors and Executors Manual also contains useful information:


NEW MEMBERS – VANCOUVER DIVISION:     We welcome the following new members to Vancouver Division and look forward to greeting them at an upcoming meeting:

April 2020

Name:Darryl KUZIK
Reg. #:28000
Rank on Discharge:Sergeant
Joined Vancouver Division:April 3, 2020
Served In:E, Depot

March 2020

Name:Robert James (Jay) FULKS
Reg. #:40841/O.2463
Rank on Discharge:Inspector
Joined Vancouver Division:March 2, 2020
Served In:K, E
Reg. #:51709
Rank on Discharge:Constable
Joined Vancouver Division:March 5, 2020
Served In:K
Name:William M.J. WHALEN
Reg. #:40454
Rank on Discharge:Staff Sergeant
Joined Vancouver Division:March 31, 2020
Served In:K, E

February 2020

Reg. #:41226
Rank on Discharge:Superintendent
Joined Vancouver Division:February 10, 2020
Served In:E
Name:Randy GILBERT
Reg. #:31537
Rank on Discharge:Constable
Joined Vancouver Division:February 19, 2020
Served In:E

January 2020

Name:James F. WEBB
Reg. #:28406
Rank on Discharge:Staff Sergeant
Joined Vancouver Division:January 1, 2020
Served In:E
Reg. #:X3662
Rank on Discharge:Auxiliary Constable
Joined Vancouver Division:January 3, 2020
Served In:E
Reg. #:28556
Rank on Discharge:Corporal
Joined Vancouver Division:January 10, 2020
Served In:E
Name:Kenneth GATES
Reg. #:29137
Rank on Discharge:Superintendent
Joined Vancouver Division:January 29, 2020
Served In:E, HQ
Name:Dennis RIPLEY
Reg. #:34578
Rank on Discharge:Cpl.
Joined Vancouver Division:January 31, 2020
Served In:E, A, HQ

LAST POST:     Last Post announcements are posted to our website.  Please click the link below:

CANUCK PLACE:​ Last year part of the funds raised from the silent auction at the RCMP Pipe Band Scotch Tasting event were donated to Canuck Place.  The attached correspondence was received from Canuck Place:

To start, I would like to say that I hope you, your entire family and all of your fellow association members are keeping well and safe. How are you holding up? Is there anything I can try to help you with, even if from afar?

I wanted to send you a little note to let you know that I am thinking of you all and to send you well wishes in what I know is a chaotic, stressful and upsetting time. I really hope that you’ve been able to find some time for yourself to laugh and connect with your loved ones. Please know that I am here even if you would just like to chat and take a break from all of the upsetting news.

Additionally, I hope this can bring you all a bit of cheer, I have linked our virtual tour video so that your group members are able to see the impact all of their efforts has had. Please join me on a tour of Dave Lede House in Abbotsford.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy,

Chantelle Bowles
Development Coordinator
T 778-880-4852F 778-880-4856 
32772 Marshall Road., Abbotsford, BC  V2S 1J7


Just a reminder that the print edition of Scarlet & Gold is no longer being published.  Please visit our Division website.


We would also like to thank our Vancouver Division Website Administrator, Bev Bullock, for her work in keeping our website up to date.