VAC Application Guide




VAC Application Guide

Dear Members,

After receiving so many messages relating to injuries and VAC submissions over the past few days, I believe I should provide all of you with some documents that might assist in making claims to VAC. Your Division Advocates are there to help you with your submissions, including the recognition of consequential injuries and in the event they don’t have ready access to these files, I am providing them to you. All this information is on our web site under the title ” Support and Advocacy” but this might make it easier for you.

Two files contain information or tips on submitting claims for traditional injuries, including PTSD injuries that many of our former members and indeed, serving members go through. The other is a study on back injuries and it is extremely thorough in that it covers everything from vehicle shortcomings, to slippery boots, to duty gear. I recommend you retain theses information packages for future reference since sometimes your medical issues don’t surface until well after retirement. Note also, our web information receives updates so it’s there for you to use and I encourage you to go to our web page on a fairly regular basis. There’s loads of information there and we are improving.

Regards to all and have a safe and happy weekend. Remember to wear your masks and maintain your distancing.

A.P. (Sandy) Glenn, National President
RCMP Veterans Association
Members Helping Members and Their Families.

VAC Application Guide For Disabilities
VAC Application Guide for PTSD & Other Issues




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