The Moose Who Became a Mountie

The Adorable Recruit

Dear Members of the Association,

Our Association has been providing inestimable service to the serving members of the Force through Operation Morale Booster.

President Sandy Glen has compiled some observations regarding this operation and I am pleased to be able to present them to you.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Sandy Glenn

Over the past months, a number of our Divisions have shown support for our serving members in a variety of ways. Calgary and Lethbridge had formed “drive by” caravans and visitations to every Detachment within their respective areas, Victoria has coffee and pizza visitations and so on.

Recently, Nova Scotia Division asked its members to personally purchase and donate “RCMP Moose” to every Detachment in Nova Scotia to provide to children who have been traumatized, as well as other situations. To date, over 125 have been purchased and another order will be submitted shortly.

The goal is to issue two Mountie Moose to every Detachment. Nova Scotia Division is comprised of 8 Regions, and visitations are planned on that basis. So far, Detachments within two of the Regions have been visited with more planned over the next three weeks.

The Visitation team is led by the Co-Directors of the Division Support and Advocacy Team, Jan and Vic Gorman, and Division President, Brian Carter. Regional Directors will also have the opportunity to join and this past week I also had the pleasure of accompanying the team at five Detachment locations.

Needless to say, the visits were greatly appreciated by Detachment members and employees and it also gave us the opportunity to apprise them of all the great support projects the Association has in place, many of which include support services for serving members.

Our visits clearly indicate many of our serving brothers and sisters are going through stressful times which makes our Veterans Associations show of support all the more important.

Personally speaking, I look forward to accompanying the visitation team in visits planned for the end of this month. It is an extremely gratifying experience.

I have attached two photos, one being the presentation of the Mountie Moose at Windsor Detachment this past Wednesday. The other photo is the “Mountie Moose”

Regards to all and keep up these labours of love.

Sandy Glenn,
National President

RCMP Veterans Association

Members Helping Members and Their Families

Windsor, NS Detachment presentation, October 14th., 2020




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