The Mad Trapper Part II

Constable Edgar Millen – Reg # 9669 – RCMP Honour Roll # 51

Recently I submitted an article to our Vancouver Division web site on the recollections of members involved in the attempted arrest and search for Albert Johnson, always to be known as “The Mad Trapper of Rat River.” See:  The attempted arrest of Johnson resulted in the death of RCMP member Edgar Millen. I have always said it is amazing me how telling the story of one member or event in the history of the Force connects you to other stories. Eighty-eight years after the death of Edgar Millen, as a result of the above article, I have been connected to one of Edgar Millen’s relatives. My friend, retired Superintendent Al Bunn, (ret’d), Reg # 22180/O.1436, upon reading the article contacted me and informed me that he had a friend who was a relative of Edgar Millen and is in possession of photographs of Millen. Al, suggested it might be worthwhile to contact him. Which I did. Dots begin to connect! Keith Briggeman’s grandfather was Edgar Millen’s brother. Being the only male grandchild, he was tasked with the safekeeping Edgar’s possessions. Keith retired after 34 years with BP Canada Energy Company and heritage companies. His formal education is finance where he worked prior to becoming the Manager, Corporate Security for BP Canada as well as the Manager, Corporate Security for BP America mid-west assets. Although he was never in law enforcement, he spent a great deal of time working with Calgary Police, Edmon- ton Police and R.C.M.P. mostly out of “K” Division as well as various State Police Agencies and on occasion the F.B.I. Keith has been kind enough to share his connection to Edgar Millen and provided photographs for us to enjoy and visualize life as a Mounted Policeman in the early 1900s and northern living. Read on!

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Edgar Millen

Ric Hall 24394/O.1330

September 6, 2020