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Eion MacGregor MacBrayne – #4777

        Recently the “E” Sergeant Major, Dave Hall, was examining the contents of a storage room at the Green Timbers HQs that contained the leftovers from the move from the Heather and 34th site in Vancouver.     He discovered a banker’s box of items that once belonged to former RNWMP Sergeant […]

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Part 2 – RNWMP Authorized To Form Cavalry Draft

      Since 1917,  had continued to promote the suggestion that the members of the Force should be permitted to form and send a cavalry regiment to the Canadian Expeditionary Force. For many months, Commissioner Perry had “been agitating for an opportunity to show their mettle in actual warfare” and “made all sorts of […]

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Part 3 – Departing Regina To England

At 8:30 pm on May 30, 1918, the entire Cavalry Draft formed up in front of “A” Block at “Depot” barracks in “squadron column.”  Members were in full marching order. At 9:00 pm, the Draft marched from “Depot” to the C.P.R. railway station in Regina and were lead by the Regina Salvation Army Band.  As […]

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Part 4 – Dispersement Of The Cavalry Draft

      On July 19, 1918, Brigadier General  (son of NWMP Superintendent Griesbach – Reg. #1) came to Shorncliffe Camp and met with the members of the Draft.            Trooper Glen described the meeting with Griesbach: “We met in the assembly hall.  A high ranking officer addressed the meeting and […]

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