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S/Sgt. Gordon Ellwyn

    This tribute is for Gordon Ellwyn’s outlines a young Alberta man who sought adventure by volunteering for the Cavalry Draft RNWMP and after the war went on to become a member in several policing organizations:  Saskatchewan Provincial Police, Manitoba Provincial Police and the RCMP.     As a volunteer member of the Cavalry […]

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Tribute to Insp. John Nicholson

      This tribute article is for John James Nicholson – a young Protestant man born and raised in Ireland.  At the age of 19, he immigrated to Canada to later served in four different police forces in Western Canada.  In addition, he also served overseas in World War II as the Corps Sergeant […]

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Sgt. John Stinson

    John V. Stinson was a typical young Ontario man looking for a sense of adventure in Westeran Canada or any where else. Every member contributes their own to the Force’s history.  In John Stinson’s case, he acquired acquired photographs of his time in the Force.  His photo collection of the Force in Siberia […]

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