Surrey Detachment 60th Anniversary

On the 1st of May 2011, Cloverdale was the host location for the Surrey Detachment’s 60th Anniversary Parade.  The location for the event was next to the old 1912 City Hall which was the original Cloverdale Detachment.

Mayor Diane Watts and a number of dignitaries were on hand for this Anniversary Parade as were: one troop of Officers, two full troops of Members in Red Serge; one troop of RCMP Auxiliary Members, 15th Field Royal Canadian Artillery Band; many RCMP Veterans who had served at Surrey Detachment; and four of the original 18 RCMP members who took over policing from the Surrey Municipal Police Department.

Mayor Watts spoke proudly of the RCMP’s service to the community and how they are now the largest RCMP Detachment in Canada with 651 members and over 250 support staff.  She also paid tribute to the four original members in attendance and presented them each with an Anniversary Plaque from the City of Surrey.  These Veterans were: Paul Starek, Pat King, Bill McCheyne, and Bill McConnell.


















Mayor Watts spoke of their dedicated service and personal sacrifices in providing services to the early citizens of Surrey.

At the conclusion of the Anniversary Parade, Mayor Watts took the march past salute while be accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Peter German.