Sergeant Major Henry Charles Lewis Hooper

Photograph of NWMP cap badge on map





Henry Charles Lewis Hooper, Reg #878, engaged with the NWMP at Winnipeg, Manitoba, April 23, 1883, at the age of 21.





The following year, while stationed at Troy (Qu’Appelle Station) as a constable, Hooper did some outstanding work in tracking and arresting several horse thieves and recovering the stolen horses. During the Rebellion, according to Hooper, he was in charge of 20 mounted men whose duty it was to intercept and arrest Indian runners from the north of Yellow Calf’s Reserve, he was wounded by a bullet which apparently creased his scalp knocking him off his horse.

Later he served at Battleford until the close of the Rebellion. In 1887, he was stationed at Macleod and the following year at Fort Saskatchewan. From 1890 to 1891, he was stationed at Calgary, or between Calgary and Edmonton, in connection with the construction of the railway between those two points. In 1892, he was transferred to Macleod and the same year was moved to Regina where, it seems he remained until 1898 when he was transferred to Duck Lack.   Hooper served in the South African War with Lord Strathcona’s Horse and the Canadian Mounted Rifles and was invalided in 1901.

Photograph of the Lord Strathcona Horse Officers which consisted of many NWMP members

Hooper re-engaged in the NWMP in February of 1901, and was placed in charge of the Estevan Sub-District. In October, 1901, he was commended for saving Wood End Detachment from destruction by a prairie fire. In 1903, he was stationed at Moosomin and retired to pension from there in 1905 after having served for 22 years. Hooper retired as a Sergeant Major.   He was awarded the North West Rebellion of 1885 medal, and later the RCMP Long Service Medal, which was first presented in 1935 long after his retirement. He was awarded a grant of $300.00 in lieu of scrip for his service during the Rebellion of 1885.

Photograph of a North West Rebellion Medal with Saskatchewan Bar

Photograph of a 1885 North West Rebellion Medal with Saskatchewan Bar

Subsequently, Hooper entered the Anglican Church and later, as Reverend H.C.L. Hooper he was instrumental in having the first meeting in 1913 at his church which would lead to the forming of the NWMP/RNWMP Veterans’ Association. He would serve as the association’s Chaplain.   He died on July 14, 1937 at Sutton West, Ontario at the age of 76.



Copy of the NWMP Discharge Certificate for Sergeant Major Henry Charles Lewis Hooper (Source of image – Library Archives Canada – NWMP Collection).

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a picture of Henry Hooper.

Sgt. Major Hooper’s pension of $240.72 per annum and was signed off by Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier.

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