Seeking Members to Fill Executive Positions (term 2020-21)

October 2019 – REPOST

Update – Donna Morse, Past President

Seeking Members to fill Executive Positions (term 2020/21)

As Past President of the Division, it is my job to serve as the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee of the Division Executive.  Our elections are held each year in November, and it is imperative that the request for Division members to step forward indicating their interest to serve on the Vancouver Division executive commence now with the hope that all executive positions will be filled for the 2020/21 term.

The Vancouver Division executive positions that are vacant, or will become vacant, at the end of 2019 are:

1. Director Membership (term 2020/21)
2. Director Communications (term 2020/21)
3. Director Ceremonies and Memorabilia (term 2020/21)

The job descriptions for the positions noted above, can be found on the Division Website at  Once on the site, click on the tab “About us – Vancouver Division – Executive – Job Descriptions”.

This is your Association and we need our members to step forward to assist.  Please consider becoming part of the Executive team.