Ridge Meadows RCMP Christmas Video

“Every Who in Ridge Meadows”

Today (Dec. 20, 2018), Ridge Meadows RCMP are releasing their short Grinch, Christmas-parody film, “Every Who in Ridge Meadows”.

At Ridge Meadows RCMP we wanted to share with our communities a very special Holiday Christmas message wrapped up with some good old crime prevention messaging.  We probably won’t be nominated for any film awards but we had a lot of fun putting this Eight and a half minute short-film together.  We hope it puts a smile on your face.

 So, without further ado please click on the below link to watch “Every Who in Ridge Meadows”, the storybook tale of the Grinch, his Christmas crime spree and the surprising conclusion.

 Please share the link with your family and friends.

 From our RCMP family to yours, wishing you a safe and Happy Holiday Season.

 Superintendent Jennifer Hyland

 Ridge Meadows RCMP

Youtube (click here)


Every Who in Ridge Meadows

Every who in Ridge Meadows

Loved Christmas a lot

But the Grinch had a plan

A sinister plot


I must stop Christmas

I must and I must

A crime spree at Christmas

To create mistrust


Cindy Lou who

Who couldn’t be cuter

at home safe and sound

While on her computer


When all of a sudden

A DM from a stranger

Appeared on her screen

She sensed the danger


It was the Grinch

Who had made the connection

Thinking the net

Could avoid his detection


But Cindy Lou Who

Learned a lesson at school

About online safety

Social media tools


Cindy Lou who, had told an adult

The Grinch was not going to like this result

Blocking the Grinch was easy and quick

Together they did it

one tap, And one click


Foiled, alone with his only friend Max

He went to the bar To unwind and relax

He growled with his Grinch fingers drunkenly drumming

I must find some way to keep Christmas from coming


Then he got an idea, an awful idea

The Grinch got a wonderful awful idea

I know just what to do, he thought in his head

An awful idea to create Christmas dread


I’ll steal and I’ll rob, and I’ll make such a fuss

Breaking into who people’s homes and take who people’s stuff

I’ll lurk on the streets and in parking lots

How many doors have been left unlocked


With a plan now hatched and beer in his belly

The Grinch left the bar, his breath boozy and smelly

The Grinch’s choice to drive was dumb

And Max couldn’t do it no opposable thumbs


He slithered and slunk with a smile most unpleasant

Out of the bar to steal Christmas presents

Walking to his car his plan was disrupted

By an observant who person who was who disgusted


The Grinch paused and put his hand to his ear

They’re ratting me out he snarled and sneered

This 911 call may have stopped this disaster

To avoid being spotted we’ll simply walk faster


To shopping malls, to gala balls to anywhere cars are left alone

I’ll search them all, parkades and lots, even the streets in front of your home

I’ll check their cars, for wuzzels and gifts

Their cell phones, their purses anything I can lift


They’ll come to their cars and won’t know what to do

Their mouths will hang open a minute or two

Poo poo to the who’s he was grinchingly humming

They will soon find out that no Christmas is coming


Next were the warm lighted windows of homes

Apartments and condos throughout ridge meadows

He peered in the windows, he checked all the doors

Once he found one unlocked he knew he had scored


So he took their tafflers, their toys and their tree

He even made sure to take their TV

The Grinch packed up his loot and tiptoed away

Thinking for sure this will ruin their day.


When the who’s came home their who cameras would show

A despicable dastardly green furry foe

So the Ridge Meadows Whos, did what Ridge Meadows Who’s do

Their civic duty to report, and share all the clues


They phoned the police, their neighbours and friends

And the police knew the suspect based on patterns and trends

A briefing was held the very next day

The info was shared, police dashed out right away


Police looked in who parks, who alleys, who nooks

On a quest to find Grinch, the Christmasty crook

A media release went out in a flash

On the 6 o’clock news, it made a big splash


And then something happened, Grinch saw the news

He realized his actions, when viewed through Who’s views

It didn’t feel good, it didn’t feel right

He felt kind of fuzzy, he felt kind of light


He puzzled and puzzled, till his puzzler was sore

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before

Perhaps I can change, repair harm I have done

I’ll give back the presents, to everyone


And what happened then, the Ridge Meadows Who’s say

The Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day


He road into town to bring back their toys

He brought back the loot to Ridge Meadows girls and boys

He brought back their parcels, purses and fuzzles

He brought their cell phones, their tafflers and wuzzles.


Our Christmas crime story, has come to a close

And through our story, as we’ve exposed

Even Grinches can change, and be kind and good hearted

Lets take care of each other and carry on what Grinch started


Clint van Blanken

Ridge Meadows RCMP

Communications Coordinator