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RCMP Constable



As has been the practise in small Canadian communities, RCMP members have been apart of the official opening of community buildings.






Cpl. Sean Chiddenton of the RCMP “Depot” Communications and Management Services provided the following photograph to Ric Hall.

This is a colourized photo appears to be Constables Jack Buckley, Reg # 17820 and Hugh Clark, Reg # 18519 around early 1950s at the opening of the “new” Imperial Sask ice rink. Imperial is still booming with a total population of 321, but it still has an ice and curling rink.

Photograph of RCMP Constables

Photograph of RCMP Constables Jack Buckley (Reg.#17820) and Hugh Clark (Reg.#18519) (Source of photo – Cpl. Sean Chiddenton – RCMP “Depot” Communications and Management Services in Regina).

According to Ric, “note the two members are wearing toe rubbers and the one on the left has no spurs!

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