Ric Hall’s Old Force Photo Received

Photograph of a Kodak No.1 Pocket Camera




Ric received the following old RCMP photograph and was seeking the assistance of Veterans to identify more details about this image.





According to Ric, “this picture which was circulated by Frank Richter has received an astounding number of responses the most to any of the photos I have sent out asking “who are these members?”. Many note that the members have no spurs on and are carrying the riding crop. The consensus is they members heading off on riot duties to Newfoundland. They never got there as they were recalled by Prime Minister Diefenbaker. Of interest is the message of Bob Paradis who was involved with the riots, but not in the picture. I know the picture is not the best, but it certainly got a response. Ironically I got it from a man in Germany who is an avid collector of police memorabilia and is always asking me questions about the RCMP uniform and kit.”

Old RCMP Photograph of members in the process of boarding an aircraft (Source of photo - Ric Hall's Photo Collection).

Old RCMP Photograph of members in the process of boarding an aircraft (Source of photo – Ric Hall’s Photo Collection).

Frank I think this photo is from March 1959 and the IWA woodsman’ strike in central Nfld. You may recall that members were on standby from the mainland and even boarded aircraft but this was halted by PM Diefenbaker. As a result

Commissioner Nicholson resigned on a point of honour. A member of the Nfld. Constabulary (Bill Moss ) was killed during the riot. I was involved in the riot and gave evidence at the subsequent court case. On a side issue a couple of years later a mural was painted in the new Confederation Building in St.John’s.I was directed to pose for the artist and was quite chuffed that I would be forever on this mural. At the unveiling ceremony it was revealed that I was there alright but Comm
Nicholson’s head had replaced mine.It was then and still is,a great honour.

Thanks, Bob Paradis”

“Ric – just a guess but This looks to me like members boarding s plane for the Badger Riot in 1959 in Newfoundland. They got as far as Sydney and were grounded by Diefenbaker, leading to the resignation of Commissioner Nicholson. Probably taken in Halifax or Moncton. May be gas masks in the bags. Cec Dole of H Div would know if he is on Frank’s list of subscribers. Pete German”

“Looking at the photo, note that none of the members have spurs on their boots ! ! ! The kit bags they are carrying were of the type issued to all recruits up to and including 1961 – and most of the members used them to keep their polishing kit for their buttons and boots. The aircraft appears to be a RCAF DC-3 ( note the circle insignia on the side ) The ages of the members appears to be quite spread out, but because they are all facing the wrong way, there is no indication of rank or service on the near sleeves. All of the boots are ” Parade Shined” tho ! ! ! . Someone in your vast audience must recognize someone in the picture ! ! !

Ira Saunders – C/155, 22007, O765 Supt. (Ret.)

Jodi-Ann – I was the one that sent the picture out originally asking if the Vets could provide any details. I noted that through a string of e-mail messages I received Supt Paul Herbert had sent you a message asking if you could provide details on the picture. You were unable to. I thought you might like to now know some of the background.

Ric Hall 24394/O.1330

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