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Since I started collecting photographs detailing the history of the Force I have one that always strikes a chord with me.   I guess it is because it shows a young boy meeting up with his heroes.  





Perhaps he has a collection of Sergeant Preston comic books and watches those old “B” movies where the Mounties always get their man and sometimes the love interest. A woman! The picture to me, for some reason, invokes gentler times.

Recently a friend in Germany, a collector of all things RCMP, (see Spring 2017 RCMP Quarterly), sent me a similar photograph and upon closer inspection the picture is taken at a different angle and it is the same boy.   Probably lost in time is the occasion that brought this young lad together with a group of RCMP members.   Who was he and where did his life take him?   Who were the members?   Perhaps members of the Musical Ride on tour and doing the meet and greet and someone captured this boy meeting his Mounties.    


RCMP members always stereotyped regarding the “horse”.

Protecting the Nation’s Capital in the late 1950s….probably asking this young member “where’s your horse?”

And always standing proud for the inevitable photo opportunity.

Below, today protecting the Nation’s Capital, a far cry from a lone member standing in Review Order .

It is just not little kids who like a man in Red Serge!

Below: The man who created those famous paintings of the jut jawed, broad shouldered and narrow waist, RCMP members….Arnold Friberg, acting as a model for one of his painting. As most members know Arnold Friberg is the only American to be made an honourary member of the RCMP.

Perhaps he was posing for this painting “Companions of the Trail”.

And just to finish this off!

 “Mark my words boys, one day I will be a Commanding Officer of a Division!” Constable Brenda Butterworth-Carr – “M” Division

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