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Dear Members of the Association,

We regret to have to announce that our Treasurer, Don Belke has resigned from his position as Association Treasurer and as a Director. He will be sorely missed.

We are now seeking a replacement for Don. The position will be as an officer of the Association (not a Director) and will be part of the Association Secretariat reporting to the Chief Administration Officer (CAO).

A brief description of what is expected is included in the Association Governance Manual and reads as follows,

“The Association Treasurer is the custodian of the Association’s finances and assets. As such, the incumbent is responsible for the Association’s financial probity by administering the Corporation’s finances to ensure accurate and complete receipt, disbursement and documenting of all funds. The Association Treasurer is appointed to the position by the Board of Directors and serves at the pleasure of the Board for a term of three years, subject to renewal.”

Expressions of interest may be sent to President Sandy Glenn at

James Forrest
Director of Communications



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