Regarding Injured “H” Division Member

This is a general broadcast to all members of the Association

Further to previous correspondence regarding the injured “H” Division member.

Dear Association Members,

Through the work of Nova Scotia Division President, Sandy Glenn we have now been provided with a location to which our members can send messages of support for the “H” Division member recently injured during a stolen car investigation.  Sandy also advises that while the member is in an induced coma happily this is apparently more of a precautionary step rather than an ominous development.

Messages of support for the member, his family and his colleagues may be sent to,

Cst. Terry Brown of “H” Division at email:

Support messages that were received prior to this message will be forwarded to Cst. Brown.  Similarly, any further messages received in the Communications Branch will be forwarded to Cst. Brown.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association