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Dear Members of the Association,

President Semenchuk of Toronto Division has provided the following link to the online service of the Force showing their progress towards Vision 150 in 2023. It is very comprehensive and interesting.

President Semenchuk observed,

“As the RCMP has been talking about their Vision 150 plan I thought the membership might be interested in this online link.


It not only provides an explanation of the plan but has a ‘tracker’ where one can see how the RCMP is progressing.”

Material from the site is shown below.

James Forrest
Director of Communications


People first
Policing excellence
A safer Canada

The RCMP is more than just a police service. We’re part of the fabric of Canada, made up of people who care about their work, their communities and each other. As the RCMP moves toward its 150th anniversary in 2023, we’re working to renew, refresh and modernize our organization. We’ve built a plan and identified initiatives to support our shared vision. Learn more about each initiative and follow our progress.




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