RCMP Collective Agreement

RCMP Regular Members (below the rank of inspector) and Reservists (RM)

Dear Members,

Following on the recent collective agreement that was signed between the National Police Federation and the Treasury Board of Canada. We just received this information last evening.

In early August of this year, the National Police Federation ratified a proposed collective agreement with the Treasury Board of Canada. This collective agreement covers all RCMP Members under the rank of Inspector, including Reservists. For all the retired Members who may be included in the new Collective Agreement, a copy can now be found on the Treasury Board website. If you are a retired non-commissioned rank who retired in 2017 or sometime after, you may be entitled to retroactive back pay.

To find out if you are affected by this new collective agreement you may want to read the whole collective agreement. Please note that Appendix C contains references to the agreed upon time frames for the payment of any retro pay. Appendix A gives you the new pay rates. This collective agreement should answer all your questions as our Association does not have any further information on this issue.

Please find the link to the collective agreement at:

RCMP Regular Members (below the rank of inspector) and Reservists (RM)- Canada.ca (tbs-sct.gc.ca)

Steve Walker and Bob Ellergodt
National Police Federation Liaison for the RCMP Veterans Association



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